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Šťastné nôžky  is the project of a very skilful woman from Martin, Terka Sopková, who is a leading expert in consulting in the field of barefoot shoes and barefoot issues. She writes very valuable blog articles about barefoot walking, detailed reviews of probably all the brands of barefoot shoes and is behind the quality barefoot education in Slovakia.

As part of a personal consultation, you can try DOTS in her home. By using the Šťastné nôžky advice service, you get a discount code to purchase DOTS domed discs.











Nožičkovo, Košice

In addition to a wide selection of barefoot shoes, the Nožičkovo store offers quality advice, which is an absolute must when buying suitable barefoot shoes. They also offer baby carriers, baby carrier accessories and kojo / baby carrier clothes. The amount of goods, the well-informed and knowledgeable saleswomen and the skill of the owner Iva, make Nožičkovo a mecca for barefoot footwear and baby carrier goods in eastern Slovakia.

Directly at the store, you can not only step on, caress or handle DOTS, but you can also buy them. 🙂

Fyzio Mama, Trnava

Fyzio Mama is the project of Editka, a skilled physiotherapist and mother, who together with her colleagues focus on the healthy development and movement of not only babies and children, but also adults. They perceive the body as a whole and during your individual lessons or workshops you will learn a lot of important information. They offer a large number of interesting services.

You can try DOTS in their Counselling and Exercise Centre.












Homereset, Budmerice

You may have heard of the LifeReset project, where the Matúšov family decided to reset their lives and left for New Zealand, where they found a new direction in life.

In the HomeReset project, their new journey was a 150% turn around. They are an amazing inspiration for healthy and happy living, permaculture garden and life balance. And best of all, you can try all this in their mobile home, which they rent out. As this place is the embodiment of a healthy and humane interior, of course, it does not lack DOTS 🙂

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