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DOTS of fun!

DOTS domed discs will bring style to your home interiors, move your feet and boost your creativity.

barefu DOTS are design barefoot aids that will make your floor special and give it a stimulating function. Every time you walk over them, you activate and strengthen your feet. DOTS are the result of research in which we looked for the best way to stimulate the feet of you and your children.

sensory stimulation of the feet when standing and walking

involvement of leg and body muscles during transition and treading

no extra time or effort is required for stimulation

they help to “turn off” one’s head / return to the present

they support the transition to careful and conscious walking

activate all the feet in the household (even the laziest)






















Don’t have extra time to exercise?

barefu DOTS active / static is the ideal solution for getting foot stimulation with no extra time needed in your daily routine. Positioning DOTS active at the intersections of movement creates stimulating space where you walk naturally indoors. On the other hand, positioning DOTS static by a bathroom washbasin or kitchen sink will create a sensory space for your feet while you brush your teeth or clean the dishes. So, you don’t need extra time or effort to activate your feet and engage your muscles!

Don’t have the capacity to think about every step?

In addition to activating the feet, the psychological aspect and awareness of our walking is also important.

When stepping on a stimulating surface, we walk barefoot differently than on safe home floors. Careful and conscious walking, such as when we are outside on rocks, reduces, among other things, shocks during walking and responds to the surface by more complex involvement of muscles. In order for our walking at home to be truly “barefoot”, it needs suggestions and reminders to refine it. You don’t have the capacity to think about every step and you also like the environment of your home interior to be visually clean and modern? Then DOTS active is designed just for you – aesthetically and functionally!

Do you want to positively influence the people around you?

Do you also sometimes feel helpless when enlightening your loved ones or motivating them to do something for themselves? So, don’t waste energy… just incorporate DOTS into your home interior and your loved ones will start stimulating and exercising their feet in everyday life.

Among other things, you create a space at home that will captivate every visitor and stimulate the creativity of the children and adults.







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