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About barefu


We are Evit, Janči and Janíčko, Kolomanko and Stanko 🙂

We learned about barefoot after reading the book Born to Run in 2011. We bought “huarache” shoes in the US, which we still use today, but we really didn’t know anything about proper / other barefoot walking. Four years later our first son Janko was born and when he was learning to walk, the question of shoes came up. We rediscovered barefoot and jumped at it full of enthusiasm. After two weeks, our “super” barefoot shoes really hurt our legs so we had to learn to walk all over again.

Evit was doing her doctorate in design at the time and barefoot walking and the stimulating surfaces in interior was suddenly an ideal topic for combining a hobby and broadening one’s horizons.

After 4 years, enthusiasm has become an understanding, thanks to the need to study scientific research papers and consult about barefoot walking with both its opponents and supporters.


  • that walking barefoot is not just walking barefoot
  • that it is not enough to take off one’s shoes and we will miraculously “remember” the natural movement
  • that barefoot shoes do not move our feet
  • that when we walk barefoot does not mean that crowds of other people will also take off their shoes
  • that barefoot walking is necessary and beneficial, but must be approached wisely and responsibly
  • that man is a lazy creature and does nothing for their feet until they are in pain
  • that if we want to achieve change, we must do it playfully and non-violently
Barefu je naším vyjadrením hodnôt a cesta k lepšej spoločnosti s rozhýbanejšími a aktivovanejšími nohami!

Well, we are both stubborn and enthusiastic at the same time. We realise that our society urgently needs to move and activate the feet, which are locked in shoes all day. However, we also realise that our society is unaware of this need. 🙂

And therefore barefu – the way to barefoot, to walk barefoot with reason. BUT in play, with tasteful design and actually a slightly subliminal functional product that does not require extra time and energy for exercise.


Brings playfulness to home interiors and ordinary home activities and spreads awareness about the benefits of barefoot walking.

Is a continuation of research into the stimulation of bare feet inside a home.

Combines clean and functional design, a passion for barefoot walking and ecological thinking.

Designs home interiors that affect all human senses, taking into account the needs of the user.

Fulfills the dream of meaningful work that helps people and reflects the values of one family with 10 legs.

Evka barefu

Hi, I’m Eva Mazancova, ArtD. It may seem from all those academic degrees that I paint whole days or even heal paintings but the truth is elsewhere. The translation of my degrees is an interior designer who has done her doctoral research in the field of design. In my research, I combined my passion for barefoot walking and design with respect to humans. Thanks to the support of people from my surrounding, I decided that this barefoot journey does not end with graduation – and so barefu was created, through which we try to raise awareness of the need for a gradual transition to barefoot and the importance of barefoot walking in everyday life. We try to show people that this change can be creative, interesting, stylish, but especially not demanding any extrra time or energy!

(Apart from the barefoot, I’m also the mother of 3 little boys, the wife of a great guy, a cyclist and a community activist – so if you find that the articles are growing slowly, you’re right – I can’t keep up :D)