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ART which brings BALANCE to your life

Hand on heart, no exercise equipment in the home or office is used non-stop. In fact, it is a success if it is used at least a little. In addition, most exercise equipment is visually more suitable for gyms, which in conjunction with occasional use sooner or later leads to complete putting the product aside … and that’s the end of exercise!

So let’s look at it DIFFERENTLY … with art that will bring balance to your life.

6 separate balance elements in 3 levels of difficulty

activate muscles of the whole body and strengthen the core

cooperation of sculptor Lukáš Hazuka and barefu

playful, fun, aesthetic, minimalist

mental relaxation / return to the present

horizontal and vertical position for storing 
























LOGS as a training tool

The LOGS product contains 3 logs, which can be divided in half and thus offer you 6 balance poles (half-logs) in 3 different shapes and difficulty levels. That’s why up to 6 people can train on them at the same time!

In addition, it is possible to build balance paths or a home version of the “slack line”. The LOGS can be used on both sides, while the straight central part has integrated anti-slip rubbers to prevent it from slipping on the floor. LOGS can also be used on a mat or rug with the round side down, or cross one LOG with another for more difficult balance. In order to keep the LOGS together during handling and in the stand, they have integrated magnets.

Why balancing?

When balancing on an unstable surface, the body engages a number of external as well as internal muscles. Balancing is a great way to strengthen the feet, leg muscles, arm muscles and our “core”, which is responsible, for example, but not only, for posture. The weakened core is often the cause of low back pain or a bulging abdomen.

The great advantage of balancing is that it also employs the mind! Maintaining balance requires such a complex interplay of movements that the head is forced to consciously focus on the moment. So you meditate and you don’t even know when!

LOGS as a piece of art

We knew that the LOGS were a great, practical and minimalist tool, but we didn’t really know how to come up with a simple, practical and aesthetic stand. That’s why we invited a sculptor Lukáš Hazuka to collaborate and he did something completely different than we imagined … but he did it GREAT!

He did not see LOGS as a training tool, but as a pure wooden object, for which he was looking for the right contrasting material and shape. And so he created a stand, which not only has 2 positions of use, is very practical when handling LOGS, but especially itself it is ART. He created the product you want to have in front of your eyes and at hand. And that means you can use it anytime!














Where can I use LOGS?

At home

Home “slack line”, balance paths, pad under heels when squatting, for playing, exercising, under the desk, as a musical instrument, as a work of art to please the soul and eyes … Because an active and meaningful environment around you, encourages you to natural movement and brings you a happier and better life.

At work

Under the table as a rest element for positioning the feet, at a “stand up” (high) work place, in rest areas, as a work of art to lift the aesthetics of the work environment … Because balancing is such a complex movement that it forces the body and mind to conscious concentration. After such activity the employee is able to perform his work more efficiently and with better quality. In addition, balancing in the relaxation zone brings joy to the workplace and breaks the ice between colleagues.