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FAQ – frequently

asked questions about DOTS


What are DOTS?

DOTS are design floor accessories for the home interior, which have the function of stimulating the feet without the need for extra exercise.


How do DOTS work?

The sets are divided into static and active stimulation:


Where can I place DOTS?

Depending on the size of the place, it is possible to determine which set is suitable to apply:


What is included in the DOTS packaging?

DOTS are sold in paper tubus of 12, 25, 36 or 100 pieces or DOTS play in paper tubus of 6, 8 or 10 pieces.


The kit contains instructions for use, replacement stickers and one laser DOT.

Do they stick directly to the floor or are they on a pad?

They are stuck directly to the floor with double-sided adhesive tape, which DOTS come already fitted with… and they stick really well.


I wear slippers at home – are DOTS of any meaning to me?

DOTS are developed to stimulate bare feet and feet in socks,


What about cleaning?

They do not interfere with vacuuming and even a robot vacuum cleaner passes over them


I’ve got pets at home (dog, cat)

DOTS are part of several households with four-legged friends and it’s fine.


What is the advantage of DOTS over other stimulant products?

DOTS were developed with the idea that one does not have to do any extra activity and in addition to normal movement around the home, the feet are also stimulated.


Can we use them in a shower unit?

Not yet. BUT…


Can we use DOTS outside (on a patio)?

Not yet…


Should the discs be stuck everywhere indoors?

Not at all. As mentioned above, the application of DOTS is recommended for intersections of movement in the home.


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